About the Author

Lauren is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Play Therapist, Certified Animal Assisted Play Therapist and mother of two little wolf pups of her own. The idea for Wild Wolf Pup came to her late one night when she was pregnant with her daughter, Junah, and dreaming about what type of childhood she hoped to provide her children someday. After years of working as a children's play therapist, Lauren learned the value of incorporating mindfulness lessons in nature with children to help ground them when they were experiencing anxiety, depression and trauma responses. Lauren often had clients sit outside in a peaceful place focusing on the five senses they could experience in nature and also focusing on gratitude for the natural world and the positive things in their lives. In her time as a Certified Animal Assisted Play Therapist, Lauren learned a great deal about the power of the human-animal connection to help children develop empathy and mutual respect for all living things. Lauren is now a mother of two and when she and her husband are not spending time at home with their daughter, Junah, son, Henry and dog, Stevie, they are taking advantage of anything Idaho’s beautiful mountains and rivers have to offer. She hopes to raise her children to have wild and adventurous wolf pup spirits