Wild Screen-Free Imagination

Inspire your little one’s imagination as you explore alongside a little wolf pup in the beautiful natural world outside the family den. Journey through forests and mountains, splashing through rivers and bounding through beautiful meadows, and experience the wonder of nature together!

Open mind, grateful heart

Along the way, you will learn to appreciate small things together and gain curiosity and empathy about the lives of others. All while gaining appreciation and gratitude for the beauty of the world around you.

Interactive Inspiration

Every Wild Wolf Pup book includes an interactive nature walk that teaches you how to experience the wonder of the outdoors together. Family adventures await!

Our Happy Customers!

Wild Wolf Pup is my grandchildren's favorite book! We love reading this beautifully illustrated and thoughtful book that helps children develop a love and respect for nature. We are enjoying the nature walk activities and hope that there will be a series of these in the future.

Andrea, Teacher & Grandmother

What a wonderful, whimsical book! This book invites children to explore their surroundings and appreciate all the wonders that this world offers. With an inviting voice, Aboussie leads readers to follow their curiosity and appreciate both the grand and simple experiences around them. The illustrations perfectly match the language in the book and is appealing to both children and adults. Aboussie's expertise with child psychology also comes into play at the end of the book with a call for parents to lead their own 'wolfpups' on an adventure! Cannot recommend enough!

Julie, Teacher and Mother of 2

So excited to receive my wild wolf pup book! The writing and illustrations in this book are amazing! I can’t wait to read this to my future little ones :)

Tianna, Autie of the year :)